Hoodlum Ball Records is a record label based out of Louisville, Kentucky with its headquarters in North Hollywood, California. The company is ran by a bunch of immature loud mouth rebellious dillholes who just want to make music in their pajamas all day. The hoodlums, Jonathan Hay and Ranna Royce, started the company because they wanted to be a skid mark in society’s collective underwear. They just want make music, get tattoos, and sleep until 5pm. You really can’t tell these dipsh*ts anything. Say right and they will go left.

They get stoned and make bad music that they sometimes call jazz, when clearly it's not; it's just bad music. Even though it charts, it still sucks. The company received a Billboard plaque in 2018 because Royce was drunk with her head the toilet and came up with the idea to hit up DJ Whoo Kid to graffiti on their album The Whoodlum Ball. The album got on the #1 Billboard Heatseekers Charts and 7 other major charts. If all else fails, they can say at lease say they did that. Oh, and more to come this year from these scalawags. Expect a comedy album that nobody but them will laugh at. Also, Royce’s debut album which is projected to be awful on the ears.