Jail Tattoos, Liquor and Jazz.jpg

Liquor, Jazz & Jail Tattoos

The Terminal
Message in the Bottle (feat. Yung Bleu)
No Smiles (feat. Iliana Eve)
The Trap (feat. Louie Gonz)
Don't You Wanna (feat. Juicy J & Denny Strickland)
Love You Goodbye (feat. T-Rell & Iliana Eve)
Ali (feat. Sadat X from Brand Nubian)
Rhymes With Trees (feat. Bizarre from D12)
Mister Gibson's Neighborhood (feat. Sadat X & Benny Reid)
Chip Off The Old Block (feat. Sadat X & Benny Reid)
Beautiful Day (feat. Bubba Sparxxx)
I'm Yours (feat. Iliana Eve & Sybil)
Hush Money, Pt.2 (feat. King Graint)
Elvis (feat. Elvis)
Letter Of Consent (feat Javier Hasse & Sybil)

Produced by Jonathan Hay for Smith & Hay

Jonathan Hay